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Kláštorská roklina - canyon

Kláštorská roklina - canyon

The most beautiful route from Prielom Hornádu to Kláštorisko. It is relatively short and steep, rich in waterfalls. The largest one is the Wateefall of Anton Straka.


A wide plateau (744 m above sea level) connecting Čertová sihot´ (822 m) with the plateau Glac in the range. From three sides protected by canyons and deep valleys, it was practically impregnable – thet is why the original name ot this place was Lapis refugii – a Rock of Refuge. Inhabitans of Spiš were sheltering here from the Tatras. The Monastery of Carthusians was built here in 1305. Today there are only ruins, which were uncovered by archeological research.


Is the most extensive plateau in the Slovak Paradise, reaching the height of 1061 m. Most of the marked hiking trails to Glac Plateau.



The central part of the valley of Biely potok, is a romantic hiding place with a water resersion, from where timber was once rafted down the Biely potok.




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